Network Infrastructure
Fast, reliable networks (both wired and wireless) are essential to a successful smart home. We install all wiring, routers, switches, wireless access points, and wall plates and then guarantee everything works correctly. Also wouldn’t it be nice to keep your personal data safe by having a Guest wireless network for your children’s friend or clients that visit your home office.

Structured Wiring
All communication wiring is installed and home run back to a structured wiring panel where it can be managed easily. High quality wall plates are also installed and each line is checked for integrity. The wiring we install includes CAT5e or Cat6e for telephone, fax, and computer as well as Coax for video.

Home Theater Design
We consult with your builder on cabinets that are optimized for home theaters or family rooms. We also understand sound control via sound deadening materials as well as wall construction methods that greatly control sound. Equipment racks, projectors and screens are also our specialties. The whole room is completely controlled with Crestron touch screens and remote controls.

Whole House Audio
Having the ability to play AM, FM, XM, and music from IPods in any room has become a must have feature of new homes. We install Crestron touch screens to control these systems. We also wire and install in-ceiling and in-wall speakers.


Energy Management
Unless you know how much energy you are using and what appliances are your energy hogs you have no way of adjusting your habits and lifestyle. We track this information directly from your electrical panel and display the historical information on a Crestron touch screens.Another aspect of energy management is controlling the amount of heat that is let into the home from your south facing windows. We install motorized shades and drapes and then control their operation from touch screens and remote controls. Thermostats can also be controlled remotely.

Intelligent Lighting Control
Regular light switches can be replaced with smart switches that can be controlled from touch screens, remote control, and smart phones. This allows us to control the lighting remotely from anywhere inside the home and also while you are away. For example you could turn off any lights you might have forgotten about after you left on vacation.

We also do light switch consolidation. Take for example the many switches that are at most front entrances. There is probably a switch for the light above the door, one for the driveway as well as low voltage lights for the yard and trees. We can consolidate all those switches in one many button switch with custom labeling.

Home theaters are another popular room for lighting control. Usually these rooms have a wide assortment of lights such as pot lights, sconces, shelf lights, and reading lights, etc.. We can consolidate all these lights into a labeled multi button switch that labeled with moods or activities. For example the buttons might be labeled with Relax, Watch TV, Party, All Off. A press of each button would adjust each light accordingly.

We can integrate all your low voltage outdoor lighting into custom engraved light switches and touch screens and then integrate it all into the Crestron automation system. A common scenario is to turn on all outdoor lights at sunset and then turn them all off at midnight. Christmas lights can be controlled to automatically to turn on only in December from sunset until any time in the evening.
There are too many lighting scenarios to list here. If you can think it we can do it.

Video Surveillance
Outdoor and indoor video cameras can be installed that feed into a DVR. Think of this as a PVR for security cameras. We can set up the system to only record when there is activity in the cameras view. All previous activity can be searched and viewed from a web browser, smart phone or in house touch screens.

Complete home security systems can be installed but the big difference between our systems and most other security systems available today is that our security systems are completely integrated into the smart home system. For example we can respond to events such as activity around your classic car in the garage by sending an email or text notification to watch the video feed from your smart phone.
There are far too many scenarios to list here. If you can think it we can do it.All our security installations are performed by Reed Security in Saskatoon, SK.

Telephones and Intercom
We can integrate your telephone systems and intercom systems into your smart home. Front door stations can be integrated into your touch screens. Front door stations can also be integrate with your telephone system so that when someone at your front door presses your door bell a distinctive ring is sent to all your telephones so that you can talk to the person. Video intercom systems can also be integrated.